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5 Ways to Use in Your Business

For the past few years, I’ve made it a point to check out all the latest social applications so that I can understand which are being used, by whom, and how.  This helps me stay current and advise clients on how to work these tools into their marketing strategy.  Some of these become essential (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Delicious, some are fun (Foursquare, Plancast, Goodreads, YouTube) and some just don’t stick for me for one reason or another (Digg, TripIt, Stumble Upon, Gather, Flickr.). Of all of these, the one that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is Delicious.
In case you don’t know, Delicious, which is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks (thanks Wikipedia.)
Here are just a few of the way you can use Delicious:
  1. Share industry news within your company: reading all the industry blogs and newsletters can be time consuming.  Try assigning one person to scan all the industry news and tag all “must-reads” for the rest of the company.  They can either subscribe to the RSS feed in their reader or email, or, pull the RSS feed into the company Wiki or Intranet home page.
  2. Track all mentions of you or your company in the press: Maintaining an “in the news” page on your website can be labor intensive.  How about tagging all articles as “press” and pulling an RSS feed of that tag into your website News page or Facebook tab.
  3. Keep market research at your fingertips: Everyday you see new research and articles with stats relevant to your business but they can be so hard to find when you need it.  I tag all research articles as “stats” and add other qualifiers like “market share” or the source of the research like “Comscore.” Then when inevitably that salesperson comes asking for data, it is even easier to find then a Google search.
  4. Monitor competitors: You probably already have Google alerts set up for your competitors (or you should), but what do you do when you need information after the fact? How about tagging articles with competitor and something descriptive like revenue, sales, customers, staff, etc.  You might want to do this on a private account unless you want to alert your competitors that your are keeping tabs (or tags) on them.  I’d recommend not using their name, but maybe an initial or codeword, after all, why give them the visibility for someone searching Delicious for their name?
  5. SEO: speaking of search, don’t forget to Tag your own blog posts and valuable content.  Be sure to use keywords and your company/brand name.
How do you use Delicious? What am I forgetting?
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