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My Tribute to Steve Jobs

Five years ago, I didn’t think I could operate outside of a Windows-based world.  I bought a Palm Treo smartphone running Windows Mobile (big, big mistake), I upgraded my old Dell laptop to a Sony Vaio running Windows Vista (even bigger mistake), and I FINALLY got a new-fangled portable music player with my first iPod Video (not that I EVER used  the video part).

Today all that has changed.  My old school iPod still works and has completely changed the way I listen to music, especially in the car. In addition to the thousands of songs I burned off of my old CDs, I have purchased nearly 700 (gasp!) songs from iTunes and have created over 50 playlists (harkening back to when I was queen of the mixed tape.) My daughter barely knows anything different and started her Apple consumerism at six with an iPod Nano and my husband’s old PowerBook.

For phones, I now carry an iPhone 4.  I stood in line in July of 2008 to be one of the first to get an iPhone 3G (which my daughter now uses as her “iPod Touch”).  We also bought the iPad for our family on the first day it went on sale.  Across these devices I run over 300 apps (and that doesn’t count the ones I’ve downloaded and deleted).  Yikes, just thinking about how much I’ve spent with Apple over the last few years makes me cringe.

And one of the best decisions ever, I finally ditched that heavy, slow-as-molasses notebook for a super-thin, super-fast, MacBook Air with a long battery life and no more blue screens of death.

Have I had any problems? Yes. was a complete f’ing disaster that wiped out my contacts entirely after moving to the MacBook Air and caused hours and days of headaches.  My iPhone 3G got so slow after upgrading the software too many times that it could barely send an email or make a phone call.  My new iPhone 4 crashed and I had to reset it, wiping out the hours I spent re-organizing my apps back into folders and re-registering with all of them.  The AppStore subscription policies piss me off.  Ping is completely useless.  But, does that stop me from being happy? No.  Because I don’t have to spend 20 minutes every day starting and turning off my computer.  I don’t need to restart multiple times a day.  I can do what I need to do quickly and move on with my busy life.  I can count on my products to work.  The entertainment and utility I get out of my apps enriches my daily experiences.  And, without Stack the Countries, how else would my seven year old have become so interested in the countries of Southeast Asia?

So Steve, we thank you.

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