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Shazam and IntoNow: The Audio QR Code for Advertising

Tap to Tag with ShazamWhen Shazam first launched, I thought it was the coolest thing on my iPhone.  How awesome that an app could recognize a song by listening to a snippet of it playing on the radio, TV, etc and tell you what it is and who sings it.  I’ve bought a couple of songs using Shazam but honestly, I’m usually driving when I want to use it and digging out my phone, unlocking it, opening Shazam, and tapping to tag is not the safest driving practice.  When IntoNow launched I thought, cool, Shazam for TV.  Except, I already know what I’m watching so they tagging process was really just to check in and frankly, the way GetGlue shows trending shows and your favorite shows, checking in over on GetGlue seemed easier.  Plus, I like the stream you can follow of fellow viewers/fans.  I’ve long thought there is a market for an app to facilitate these impromptu conversations about an event, show, etc. outside of following hashtags on Twitter or only seeing what your friends are updating on Facebook.  For me, GetGlue wins out in the TV check-in app category over IntoNow or YapTV.

However, when Yahoo! bought IntoNow, I realized it could play a whole new role in advertising and possibly resurrect Yahoo! with a new ad revenue stream.  I’ve started to notice some Shazam bugs during TV shows but the news today shows that Shazam, and to a lesser extent IntoNow, are going big when it comes to the Superbowl and I’m thrilled.

I’ve spent years lamenting the lack of mobile integration into Superbowl ads, and the social media talking heads have bashed agencies for not going further to integrate social outside of a hashtag or Facebook page.   Now we are finally about to see both.  Shazam and IntoNow will offer a perfect way for viewers to interact with the ad using their mobile device, and get a reward with additional content, coupons, donations on their behalf, and more.

I’m not a huge fan of mobile QR codes because seem more effort than the value they deliver.  However, Shazam or IntoNow becoming what I’ll call the “Audio QR code” for advertising has many interesting implications for broadcast advertisers.  Now to see if people know what the heck to do when they see the little Shazam bug on their big screen.  I’ll be watching.

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